Wednesday, 29 December 2010


The new space station was a big thing, an international effort from many nations across Earth. I was obviously going to be dropping in at an interesting juncture in their history. Perhaps a time of peaceful co-oexistence? So far there was no sign of any weaponry, and the whole thing looked like it would fall apart if you threw as much as a pencil off it. I settled down with interest to watch the comings and goings.
There was one group in particular who seemed to have it all worked out. The Damn Americans I heard them called, with their plane things. Everyone else shooting stuff up with rockets and then chucking themselves back down. There these damn ones were just sliding alongside and then gliding away. I liked their style.
If I could hitch a ride down with one of them I'd have it made. Slip in on top of a wing, ride down in the void behind it to avoid that heat, brilliant.
So the new plan was set, I had only to pick my time...

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