Saturday, 1 January 2011


 The white airplane thing had arrived to drop off stuff and the big white suited folk were prancing around banging stuff. After half scaring one of them to death and watching their tools go floating off into space, I'd figured it wasn't going to be easy to get down without detection. These beings, incidentally, speak another language in the event if mishap. It seemed that several different languages were spoken on the station but this one language, although the words sounded different, had universal understanding. interesting.
I wanted to get off there as soon as possible and the next available departure turned out to be a 'Soyuz'. On april 19th 2008 i made my final descent/
The ride didn't exactly go smoothly, I had jumped onto the vehicle just as it left the space station and my weight span it on it's side. It made for a not very comfy ride and it all ended up causing a lot of controversy on the planet. The whole thing was a cover up at first and I'll always wonder if that was because someone saw something strange that day and didn't like to say...

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