Sunday, 30 January 2011


So it was that i stood wet and loely on this strange planet. Looking round i wondered what i should perhaps wear. Though my skin was waterproof in this human form, I was beginning to feel the cold. Little bumps were rising all over my skin. Fearing i was having some kind of DNA reversion i decided I should quickly cover up.
Across the street I spotted a figure. Standing below a street lamp, the figure was wrapped in a brown material in the form of a long jacket. A wide brimmed hat sitting atop it's head.
I took out my requisator tool and pointed it at the figure. As I activated the double click I was shrouded in what I now know of as a Mackintosh and a Trilby hat. Warmth spread across my whole body. Nice.
As I walked away to find shelter I saw the figure wandering over, as he got closer he opened his coat flinging his arms wide. Unnacustomed to Earth gestures I felt that perhaps I was supposed to speak, I said 'cold isn't it!'
Assuming it was some kind of mating display I walked on as quickly as possible and resolved to remember the encounter for future reference.

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