Monday, 27 December 2010

hopefulness it happened, that my first attempt to reach Earth had failed.
The constant zipping back and forth to the moon through the planetoids history had taken it's toil. My temporal vibrator would be useless without a new power source.
My only option now was to wait for another opportunity to hitch a ride. Fortunately it did not take long to arrive.
Several years went by and a new venture was taking shape above the blue planet. A bigger more impressive and much busier structure. The comings and goings were interesting. Several parts came up bit by bit. It all kind of fit together, like some mutant 'Meccano'* set with 'Lego'* and whatever kitchen utensils could be found.
I watched with interest, cautious and concerned at what this meant. It would certainly mean a new opportunity for me to reach my goal, but what did it mean for my race? Just another platform for the humans to throw stuff from???

* toy construction sets Earth parents buy offspring to teach the adult passtime of flat pack furniture. Like the toy sets, these rarely look like the item depicted and usually have a greater or lesser number of parts than is necessary.

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