Friday, 24 December 2010


...nothing. I pushed the button again. No response. I checked the power gauge, empty. Damn it, it needed charging, the battery was low.
 Isn't it always the way, when you're zapping about for the hell of it it works just fine. The one time it becomes imperative for the damn thing to work it runs low on battery.
At this point my feet were beginning to get hot, I was about to hit the atmosphere. 
I quickly keyed in 666, for the emergency number, this would give me a ten second trip back, hopefully just enough time to just before I latched on. It would be close, it can take a second for your head to catch up with the time shift, if it was a second out, I might be attatched before I realise I'm supposed to be stopping myself.
I twist the dial press the button and...

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